Functions **ADVANCED**This page is for the location for the listings of all of the "Lua" based functions, ones that are build into the system. These are not to be confused with function Messgages. Like "Script Builder Commands. These are changed/added to by the ROBLOX staff for the base Lua code, and cannot be overwritten or edited.

These are broken up into 5 groups, where you can find more information about what you want to do on each page.


Core/Main Functions: The basic library provides some core functions to Lua. If you do not include this library in your application, you should check carefully whether you need to provide implementations for some of its facilities. assert (v [, message])

Issues an error when the value of its argument v is false (i.e., nil or false); otherwise, returns all its arguments. message is an error message; when absent, it defaults to "assertion failed!"



assert (false, "This is an error message")


Will result in:


Tue Oct 07 10:15:37 2008 - Cmd:1: This is an error message


Tue Oct 07 10:15:37 2008 - Cmd, line 1


Tue Oct 07 10:15:37 2008 - stack end

assert (false)


Will result in:


Tue Oct 07 10:14:18 2008 - Cmd:1: assertion failed!


Tue Oct 07 10:14:18 2008 - Cmd, line 1


Tue Oct 07 10:14:18 2008 - stack end

assert (true)

Won't display anything at all.

Ok something a TAD bit easier:

Mathematical Functions: This library is an interface to the standard C math library.  It provides all its functions inside the table math.

Try this with edit Mode:

for i = -10, 10, .1 do

       local p ="Part")

  p.Parent = game.Workspace

 p.Size =,1,1)

       p.Anchored = true




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