General Rules:

•No photos of real (regular) people including users, kids, parents, etc
•No imagery that would not appear in a G-rated movie
•No advertisements/material from competing brands (be they online games or plastic building block toys)
•No images with subversive intent
•No images with offensive text
•No images with drugs or drug related items or text about
•No explict content text,pics,ect.
•No nudity or suggestive images
•No gory or bloody images
•No real guns/swords/other weapons  We can tell if a new user has read this page


Name Calling   Do not name pages called "GUESTS ARE SO ANNOYING" or "GUESTS ARE NEWBS" because this will lead to a straight ban. Leave this stuff in a box in your mind. Lock it up. And throw away for key.


This isn't My-Space.

 No personal pages other than userpages. If you want to advertise your place, post it Here


Severe violations of RobloxWiki Guidelines will result in immediate deletion of a user account. Some actions are so bad that the player doesn't get three strikes.

•Predatory BehaviorAny actions of a predatory nature will result in the immediate destruction of a user account and a report will be filed with the authorities. Asking users about their real information and stalking fall under this category.

•Offensive Account Names, Profiles, or Place descriptions and content Accounts with obviously offensive text will be immediately banned.

•Accessing another user's accountMaliciously accessing another user's account will result in immediate take-down of your account.




 Do not post pictures of real people, including yourself. Any image, picture, or object that you can see displayed through a computer monitor or other displaying device, that is not related to Roblox-Wiki, or Does Not Relate To Roblox with these they will be instantly removed and the uploader warned, or (depending on how "bad" the image is) user permanently banned.


Evading Bans

 Any attempt to evade a ban by making a new account will result in a permanent ban. If we catch you, we're banning your main account as well. Don't do it. Any user names that have that email address Will Be Banned On Sight Like Before. New email? We also have your IP address.


Project Pages

 Do not edit or make these unless you have been instructed to. "Project Pages" have "ROBLOX Wiki:" before the name. Feel free to comment on discussion pages.



We reserve the right to change these rules at ANY time.


 If you feel you were banned in error, feel free to leave us a comment or email the MODs directly requesting a ban appeal. Your request will only be granted if you promise not to be a repeat offender. If you break these rules more than once, we will give you a permanent IP ban that is unappealable.