Gear Edit

Gear are tools which you can buy and bring to places with you. They can also be worn like hats. If you enter a place that has your chosen gear enabled, you will spawn and begin by holding the gear you chose in your hands.


Types of gear Edit

Melee Weapons Edit

These are usually swords, although there are a few blunt weapons. They are usually only accepted in combat places.

Ranged Weapons Edit

These could be anything laser guns to rocks. They are usually taken on the same basis as Melee Weapons in terms of acceptance. Shuriken can also be stepped on if you stick them to a wall.

Explosives Edit

These are often very rare, considering the destructive power they hold. They are disabled in most places.

Power-ups Edit

These are usually health-recovery items. There are some social items that do this, but are listed as Social Items due to the very low amount of HP recovery.

Navigation Enhancers Edit

These allo walk faster. There is also a compass which points north. Navigation Enhancers are almost always disabled, especially in "obbies", where they would provide an unfair advantage.

Musical Instruments Edit

Guitars that you can play songs with. Each one has a different appearance and sound.

Social Items Edit

Fun little trinkets like a Money Bag, or Witches Brew. They're often very cheap, and each one has a different function. Due to most foods being in this category, this is allowed in most places.

Building Tools Edit

These gears are special in that most of them are usable at any place that has them enabled, because all but the Midas Glove are automatically given to the player. The Midas Glove is a souvenir for purchasing Outrageous Builders Club.