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Thousands of years ago builderman, the god of roblox, created a baseplate and on that baseplate there were 1000 2X4 bricks in a pile. He then created the needed bricks and magic (also known to modern robloxologists as a script) to make the ‘robloxian’. He named this world Robloxia. The first robloxians began to appear. They all saw the bricks, a mysterious pile in the middle of the baseplate. They just sat there day and... Well day there was no night. Years passed and all the robloxians just stood there waiting for something to happen. Some of them decided to jump off the baseplate, they never returned. Builderman returned to Robloxia to discover that nothing had changed. To speed up the process he created the move tool. The robloxians began to use the move tool to build small houses, but there was not enough bricks to go around the 500 robloxians. A robloxian invented the first tool that you could hold, a sword. This changed everything; war broke out over the baseplate in an attempt to take control of the 1000 bricks. Massive armies clashed in an all on all war to get the bricks. This became known as the war of 1000. Many robloxians were killed in the conflict and due to the fact spawns did not exist they were lost, forever. Two sides eventually emerged in this war. The northern robloxian states and the southern republic. The NRS were losing, down to their last 100 people. SR was close to breaking into a civil war. No-one was sure if anyone would survive the war. NRS decided, with their last 50 bricks, to build a statue to builderman, within minutes of finishing the statue all but one of the NRS was slaughtered. The survivors name was telamon. Telamon waited by the statue, wounded, for two weeks. The SR descended into civil war and fighting broke out between everyone once again. Telamon tried one last effort. He took his sword out and cut off his own arm. He placed his arm at the base of the statue. SUDDENLY builderman appeared. Using his godly powers he reattached telamons arm and then he created the COPY tool. Everyone in robloxia instantly received it. They stopped fighting instantly and they all turned to face builderman. He finally created a spawn point, the hundreds of robloxians killed in the war reappeared. Peace was created throughout the roblox realm with enough bricks for all. There however was a problem with the copy tool, bricks piled up and there was no way to remove them. There was no longer any room to move, they were barred in. Many of the robloxians were trapped under rubble. People abused the copy tool to create messes and to bury people. Getting out of the rubble was very difficult even if you have people outside trying to help you. Fights began between groups attempting to destroy the other one by trapping them in buildings and stuffing buildings with bricks. The Mass copy cities which mainly appeared near the spawn point were a chaotic mix of towering spires of trash and debris from collapsed buildings, which were badly constructed where there was any space, sometimes even built on top of the towers However there was one shining beacon of hope in this dismal world. The 24 remaining members of the NRS had managed to construct a city far away from the spawn point, where no-one would ever be able to find them. A perfect utopia, great buildings were constructed, showing off the true skill of these few robloxians. One of the grandest was the robloxian towers. The Robloxian Towers marked the Peak of civilisation in the age of copying. A Veteran fighter from the war of 1000, who fought for the Southern republic and simply known as 1. He still had a strong hatred of robloxians from the NRS. When, from the top of one of the many single towers which were randomly placed in the middle of the wilderness, seen this city of the NRS he decided that he would destroy it. He knew it was far too strong to mass copy to death. Even with the superior speed of mass copying compared to moving he would still be too slow. It would have been impossible to swordfight that many people at once; he decided a completely different way of attack. Construction began on a massive ball of bricks. Weighing tons, but high up in the sky many thousands of RM above the city and after 2 days of endless copying it was ready. The destruction caused by it was unseen before in the history of Robloxia. The impact caused by the ball of bricks was so powerful that not only did it create a shockwave so powerful it caused many parts of robloxia to simply collapse, it also caused the few people inside the building to be flung hundreds of RM into the distance, landing in the middle of the wilderness, so far away from civilisation that some have still not been found to this day Another war began, again between NRS and the SR, The wipe-out count in the millions. The sides were constantly trying to construct fortifications to defend key locations, many of these were quickly destroyed in events similar to ‘1 incident’ that triggered the war, although not as powerful and destructive. Events like these sprayed debris over the land, which piled up as robloxians would just rebuild their buildings on top of the debris. After about 4 years of this the world was running out of space. From a distance the world looked like a block thousands of studs high, wide and thick, made out of solid debris compacted by the ruins and buildings above it. Many robloxians noticed that the world was slowing down. They were moving slower, sometimes jumping around to where they were a few seconds ago. They referred to this chaos as Lag. Builderman returned from his trip to block land, a newer world created by him. And he quickly set to work. First he removed all the bricks from the land, and then he added the DELETE tool, which could remove bricks from the world. This marked the start of the Age of Deleting. For 10 Years, peace reigned throughout robloxia. The Scripter’s were beginning to harness the power to create anything imaginable, and immense creations of epic proportions were being created. Crafted by the finest artisans in Robloxia, it stands tall as one of the sleekest structures for conducting business. The roblox Hq2, The replacement for telamons old headquarters which was destroyed in the mass copy war, later had to be moved to a different dimension to avoid sabotage Then, out of nowhere, came untold destruction. The NOOBS! Thousands poured in every minute, overwhelming the defences of all of robloxia and laying waste to anywhere they set foot. The ground shook as buildings hundreds of studs high collapsed and came smashing into the ground. Robloxia City was burnt to the ground and almost completely destroyed in just 40 minutes. The world burned, each town in the noobs way, every building, even the animals, were deleted and destroyed The noobs had set their sight on the ultimate prize, the spawn point. They knew if they deleted that they will have taken over robloxia The scripter’s set to work supplying the fighters with whatever weapons they could create, and then the battle began. Thousands of explosions rocked the base plate as the greatest battle to ever unfold took place. The noobs delete tools were weak, slow and could only do a small amount of damage thanks to the many layers of armour the robloxians had. Slowly though, with their massive numbers they pushed forward. More and more robloxians joined to fight the battle. So many joined that the original baseplates were filling up with people. One robloxian thinker came up with the idea of places: each robloxian would have his own pocket dimension. And so, work began on these places. Even the noobs got one, and so they lost the need for deletion. Many of the noobs settled and stopped deleting, some creating grand masterpieces of robloxian engineering.